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Selected in Verona from private breeder Franco Zenti – Italy.
Europena Plant Variety rights on process

June Berry,medium late Harvest (=,+2 Roxana)

Tunnel, open field, substrate cultivation, frigo plants and plug plants.

Light red, bright colored fruit, really elegant and beautiful.
Medium consistency, excellent shelf life.
Good organoleptic characteristics.
The variety results appreciated by the market for all these reason
Good productivity, and easy to harvest
Vigorously expanded plant, under plastic cultivation (low light and higher R.H.) it is necessary control its vegetative development (mostly with the right amount of N and low NH4)

Good fall production can be obtained with well prepared plants, A+, A++, WB.

TRY Plants can be used for the 60 days crop typical of northern countries (Holland, Belgium) with excellent results, comparable to Elsanta

Important documents

What they say about us in Belgium: Studio Pcfruit

Scala presentation.

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