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ORIGIN: Bred by company Berrylab and Franco Zenti, selected in Verona (North Italy) in the year 2013- 2014. European application Patent n° 2019/0821.


CULTIVATION AREA: Continental climate.




PLANT: Medium-high productivity, strong plant, not suscettible to the common fungii deseases, suitable also for not sterilized soil.


FRUIT: After the first big fruit, the shape is regular (short conical). Good consistancy, average big size fruit, intensive and bright red in colour, very good taste.


STRENGHT: Rustic plant, very good taste, rain resistant fruit. Suitable for fresh market mainly in  open field. Also in the 60 days production technique, showed interesting results.                  Good results in BIO cultivation.


WEAKNESS: To obtain high  production it is necessary to organize  a early planting period.

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