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Malga, our variety characterized by an excellent re-flowering capacity, already established in the Verona area, especially in the off-ground cultivation, the same place where the private breeder Franco Zenti originally selected it.

The variety already boasts the European patent (EUPVR Application No 2014/0936) as well as the US, Swiss, Chinese and Ukrainian ones. Patent pending in Japan, Australia, South Korea, Russia and Serbia; it is a day neutral suitable for tunnel cultivation, as well as in open and soilless fields; suitable both as refrigerated plants and as rooted top.

The plant has already shown excellent performance in contact with the Italian continental climate, both in the plains and in the mountains. Excellent results were observed in soilless both in summer and in winter.

Characteristics: Compact and vigorous plant, with bright green leaves. The fruit has a very regular, conical and elongated shape; the color is bright red, has a good consistency of the pulp and gives off a strong and pleasant scent that distinguishes it. Sometimes sensitive surface, in particular in conditions of high night temperature (greater than 18 ° C)
In optimal cultivation conditions, the fruit has excellent organoleptic characteristics, which can also be obtained in different climatic conditions, which, however, can significantly decrease in cases of excessive production or excessively high temperatures.
Our transparency derives from the professionalism that we offer daily to our customers, indicating the optimal cultivation conditions: Good brightness, Temperatures: minimum 12 max 24, Fertile and well-drained soils; as well as the management of the same, through an innovative cultivation system designed exclusively for the enhancement of our variety.



Compare with other common day neutral varieties (UC Davis varieties Portola, Monterey, Sanandreas), Malga is the stronger day Neutral.
Frigo plants are planted in Verona, around July 15th. All the dormant flowers will be remove to built the plants and the root system. One month after transplanting we start to see the day neutral flowers and the production can start 65-70 days after transplanting.
Portola need at least 90 days, other day neutral varieties 100 and more.
The first potential hield from september till november is around 400 grams / plant.
Than, this variety go in dormant period, and start flowering the following spring, reaching a first production from end of April (with dormant flowers that must be managed, cutting the earlier blooming) and a second production in June.
Potential production in spring period is around 7-800 grams / plant.

Important documents

Presentation of the Malga variety

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